YonderHill Wildlife Garden set in the Otter Valley, East Devon, containing a rich variety of rare and interessting plants. Refreshments available. The gardens are open Sundays and Mondays throughout the summer.

Wildlife that may be seen in the garden include Foxes, Badgers, Doormice, Owls, Stoats and a wide variety of wild birds.

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Started from scratch in May 1992 it is not conventional in terms of planting or design, Trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants have been used together to paint an overall picture which is pleasing to the eye at any time of the year. Within this picture individual plants or beds stand on their own merits and, when viewed from further away, blend in and compliment the greater detail around and beyond. Come and explore blazing mixed borders buzzing with insects, cool woods alive with birdsong. See the collections of eucalyptus, bamboo, grass, conifers ferns and more. The whole garden supports a rich variety of wildlife including a thriving population of Dormice, nightly visits from Foxes and Badgers and a resident breeding pair of Tawny Owls. Photographs of these can be seen in the Tea Room.

Recently added:– a Wildflower Meadow and Woodland Tunnel Walk.


The Tea Room has a large covered patio seating area overlooking the big herbaceous border. Picnics are welcome if you would like to bring one along on your visit, please ensure you take everything home with you afterwards though including any rubbish.

You are however able to make your cup of tea or coffee just as you like it!  A wide selection of teas and coffees

are stocked,  squashes are also available.


All areas have seating and most can be reached by wheelchair or mobility scooter on grass or concrete paths although

access may be limited in some areas.


An interesting selection of plants from the garden is generally offered for sale.


Please Phone 07864055532 to visit on any day not in yellow book or to arrange a group visit.


YonderHill Wildlife Garden is a three and a half acre garden often described by visitors as “paradise”. A major part of its attraction is the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, a garden with 'Soul'. Many visitors to the garden later choose to follow the ongoing work at YonderHill on the gardens Facebook group page.  As a result of this social media, the garden attracts visitors from all over the world.

A visitor in 2013 left this comment in the visitor book and this describes perfectly what the team at YonderHill have set out to acheive:

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"A very healing and magical place. Like a big green cuddle"

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